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Can You Fix a Blown Head Gasket?

Can You Fix a Blown Head Gasket?

“You have a blown head gasket,” are six words no vehicle owner ever wants to hear. The repair costs are significant if you hire a mechanic for the job, oftentimes canceling out the value of repair itself. But can you fix a blown head gasket without a mechanic and without breaking the bank? Teaser: Yes! Keep reading to find out how you can fix a blown head gasket yourself, with a single product.

What is a Head Gasket?
A head gasket is a thin part made from multiple layers of steel, copper or composite that is designed to rest between the engine block and cylinder head, creating an airtight seal in a combustion engine. The head gasket allows the combustion reaction to safely take place within the cylinder, by sealing out coolant and oil that can damage the engine. The head gasket is tasked with many jobs in your vehicle’s engine, including keeping combustion gases inside the combustion chamber and out of the coolant passageways.

Without a sealed head gasket, your vehicle does not have the compression and environment it needs for its engine to function. So, can you fix a blown head gasket without it costing thousands of dollars? Yes! Find out more below.

How Do You Blow a Head Gasket?
The term “blown” refers to the actual breaking and cracking of the gasket when its pressure combines with heat and damage occurs. Other causes of blown head gaskets include:

  • Wear and tear from old age
  • Incorrect installation of the gasket
  • Extremely high temperatures in the engine
  • Hot spots in the engine
  • Too much stress from fuel injection issues or other engine misfires

What Are the Signs of a Blown Head Gasket?
These are the signs to look out for that can signal a blown head gasket:

  • White or blue smoke coming from the exhaust
  • High engine temperatures each time you drive
  • Coolant leaks below the exhaust manifold
  • Milky or frothy oil
  • Bubbles in the radiator or coolant reservoir
  • Consistent cylinder misfires
  • Contaminated coolant

Can You Fix a Blown Head Gasket?
Yes, you can and should fix a blown head gasket if you want your car to continue running safely and efficiently. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean speeding to the mechanics. It’s actually possible to repair a blown head gasket yourself.

The average cost for blown head gasket repair is $1,000 to $2,000 at an auto shop. The reason for the steep price is that a mechanic will take apart your engine in order to fix the blown gasket, and that takes a lot of time and labor.

If your budget cannot handle that kind of hit, or you simply would rather try something much more affordable before going to the mechanics, your next step is ordering Thermagasket Plus. This innovative product allows vehicle owners to reseal a blown head gasket, often eliminating the need for a mechanic.

How Can I Fix a Blown Head Gasket?
If you suspect your car has a blown head gasket and you’re wondering, can you fix a blown head gasket? The answer is, yes! With Thermagasket Plus, you can reseal the blown gasket and any cracked heads and blocks in the engine. The product works by forming a new seal on the head gasket, by coming into contact with the elevated temperatures caused by the blown gasket seal. Once a new seal is formed, heat is deflected away from the patch made with the Thermagasket and the hot spot vanishes.

Make sure Thermagasket is your first step after realizing you have a blown head gasket. You can save thousands of dollars on repair costs!

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