Most questions that we receive can be answered by reviewing the following frequently asked questions.

Thermagasket will work in all water cooled vehicles (with a radiator) with gas or diesel engines including motorcyles.

Thermagasket is not chemically compatible with Antifreeze. Therefore we recommended that you completely flush the cooling system and replace the antifreeze with water before treating the vehicle. Antifreeze is a complex alcohol, therefore it has a solvent action on the surface of metal which will inhibit optimal adhesion.

Once the Thermagasket treatment is completed and your vehicle is repaired you will flush the cooling system of Thermagasket and replace it with a 30% Anti Freeze/70% fresh water mixture. If you are in an area where the temperatures are colder than 0 degrees F use a 50%/50% mixture.

Thermagasket will repair the following problems:

  • Failing or completely failed head gaskets
  • Warped heads
  • Cracked engine blocks and heads
  • Coolant leaks to the exterior of the engine through a breach between the head and block
  • Coolant leaks through the head bolts
  • Intake manifold coolant leaks
  • Overheating due to a cracked head or block
  • Oil leaks into the cooling system (Radiator)
  • Coolant leaks into the oil
  • Excessive steam and water from the tailpipe

Yes…. We have had great success in repairing cracked blocks (Even in the Dodge Cummins Diesel).

No… As long as the treatment instructions are followed!

Whenever there is a breach in the head gasket, a cracked head or cracked block, a hot spot develops at the point of the breach. That hot spot can reach temperatures 3 to 4 times that of normal engine operating temperatures. When Thermagasket comes into contact with this superheated area, it instantly forms a perfect high-temperature seal. Once the breach is sealed by Thermagasket’s metallic alloys, the heat is deflected away from the patch, eliminating the hot spot and preserving the long term integrity of the repair.

Thermagasket will withstand the extreme heat and pressure fluctuations of any internal combustion engine –Guaranteed!

Many of our customers have tried unsuccessfully to repair their blown head-gaskets with competitors’ products. Thermagasket solved their problem as you can read in our testimonial pages.

Thermagasket will not hinder the future removal of the head!

The repair will last indefinitely

No water in oil = Thermagasket Standard Kit

Water in oil = Thermagasket kit for vehicles with water in the oil.

* Trucks, Tractors, Diesels with cooling systems larger than 8 gallons need the Thermagasket Heavy Duty Kit

No if it’s just oil.

Yes If there is a combination/mixture of oil and coolant.

If Thermagasket fails to repair the vehicle, we will refund the purchase price of product less S&H. (90 days from date of purchase)

Thermagasket is only sold factory direct, there is a worldwide shipping option on the shopping cart and we will gladly ship anywhere UPS, USPS, or Federal Express.

Visa, MasterCard, DiscoverCard, PayPal, Cashiers Checks. We can also take a business check by fax.

All orders are processed and shipped within 48 hours, most within 24 hours. Orders placed Friday before 1:00 pm PST will ship the same day. Orders placed Saturday and Sunday will ship the following business day.

No Thermagasket is only sold factory direct.

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