100% Effective Blown Head Gasket Repair

  • Seals your head gasket in less than 10 minutes!

  • No Mechanic Needed. Do It Yourself!

  • Save Thousands Over Conventional Repairs 

  • Developed by Automobile and Chemistry Experts

  • We Guarantee Results or Your Money Back

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Thermagasket Blown Head Gasket Repair will repair the following problems:

  • Failing or completely failed head gasket
  • Warped heads
  • Cracked engine blocks and heads
  • Coolant leaks between the head and block
  • Intake manifold coolant leaks
  • Overheating due to a cracked head or block
  • Oil leaks into the cooling system (radiator)
  • Coolant leaks into the oil
  • Excessive steam and water from the tailpipe

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