The Final Solution For Northstar Overheating and Head Gasket Issues

Since the introduction of the Cadillac Northstar engine they have been plagued with cooling system vapor locking problems and head gasket failure! Which comes first. who knows, we see customers with vehicles that have less than 50,000 miles that have been babied, then we see vehicles that have 150,000 hard driven city miles that have never had a problem ( Until 150,000 miles )

We definitely know after assisting in repairing thousands of these vehicles, the failure is a progression.

  • Coolant loss for no apparent reason ( No visible leaks etc )
  • Vehicle starts overheating (Typically starting with sporadic spikes and drops in temperature with the vehicle under a load on the Freeway or going uphill! Then gradually getting worse until it overheats constantly no matter what type of driving )
  • Frustrated you take your beloved Cadillac to the mechanic and the following happens!
  • They correctly diagnose that the cooling system is not circulating correctly! There is no coolant flowing through the radiator.
  • They start replacing parts in hopes of repairing the problem.
  • Replace Thermostat and vehicle still overheats!
  • Replace Water Pump and vehicle still overheats!
  • Finally in the succession of Trial and Error it surely must be the radiator RIGHT! Replace the radiator and it STILL OVERHEATS!

With everything in the cooling system replaced and nothing else to charge you for they diagnose a Blown Head Gasket and tell you that you need a New Engine! At this point with the replacement cost of an engine between $5000.00 and $10,000.00 your faced with spending more than the vehicles worth or selling it for scrap!

Not So Fast!!!

Common sense tells us that unless the cooling system is circulating, the vehicle is going to overheat! So if we can get the cooling system circulating ( Eliminate the vapor locking problem ) and stop the overheating, we should be able seal the minor leak in the Head Gasket! ( Most Northstar Head Gasket Leaks are minor, typically there is no water in the oil, no oil in the cooling system, and no white smoke or steam from the exhaust )

Thermagaskets Proprietory Cooling System Equalizer quickly solves the vapor locking issue within minutes. Once installed the cooling system will circulate better than new. Now that the cooling system is functioning correctly we are able to run the Thermagasket Head Gasket Sealer through the system and seal the Head Gasket.

The Northstar is known to run extremely hot, 20 to 25 degrees hotter than your typical V6 or V8 engine. Once the Cooling System Equalizer has been installed and the Head Gasket is sealed, you should see a 3 to 5 degree drop in normal operating temperatures.

The Thermagasket Cooling System Equalizer is proudly made in the U.S.A. from 6066 .058 Wall aluminum with all solid brass hardware, Gates high Temperature Hose and Clamps!

Typical installation time is 10 minutes!

Once purchased you will have access to the best Head Gasket repair Technicians on the planet to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have!


Thermagasket Head & Block Treatment Kit

$69.99 Sale Save

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A 2-part, Ceramic Fiber, Elemental Carbon and Iron Metallic Alloy compound. CARS- 100 EFFECTIVE Seals Blown Head Gaskets, Cracked Heads and or Blocks in all aluminum, steel, and cast iron engines. CARS- 100 EFFECTIVE We will refund your money if we are not able to successfully help you with the repair. It is the most effective blown head gasket repair kit. CARS- 100 EFFECTIVE  It is 100% effective. Ships within 24 hours. CARS- 100 EFFECTIVE

  • Seals your head gasket in less than 10 minutes!
  • No Mechanic Needed. Do It Yourself!
  • Save Thousands Over Conventional Repairs
  • Developed by Automobile and Chemistry Experts

16 oz Part A Base
8 oz Part B Catalyst


Solves the following problems:

  • Failing or completely failed head gasket
  • Warped heads
  • Cracked engine blocks and heads
  • Coolant leaks between the head and block
  • Intake manifold coolant leaks
  • Overheating due to a cracked head or block
  • Oil leaks into the cooling system (radiator)
  • Coolant leaks into the oil
  • Excessive steam and water from the tailpipe

Most head gasket failures are caused by engine overheating. If you’re not sure why your engine overheated, review a shortlist of the most common causes below.

Sudden Overheating:
  • Defective Thermostat
  • Defective Electric or Clutch Type Cooling Fan
  • Cooling System Leak
Recurring Overheating:
  • Defective Radiator Cap – not maintaining proper pressure in the cooling system
  • Defective Electric or Clutch Type Cooling Fan
  • Plugged Radiator or Heater Core
  • Sticking Thermostat
  • Cooling System Leak

What is a blown head gasket?

A blown head gasket is a breach in the gasket whose purpose is to form a gas-tight seal between the cylinder head and the engine block. This type of breach typically occurs in cars that have severely overheated. During severe overheating, the head or block warps, pulling away from the gasket. The unsupported gasket fails under the high pressure of combustion or heat from the cooling system. Once the gasket is penetrated, exhaust gasses escape from the cylinders into water cooling ports and often into adjacent oil ports. When this happens, the cooling system malfunctions, causing the engine to overheat.

What are the symptoms of a blown head gasket?

The most visual sign of a blown head gasket is steam visible from the tail pipe after the car is warm. However, many cars with minor damage to the head gasket don’t show any visual indicators. In this case the cooling system must be checked for the presence of exhaust gasses. Another symptom frequently encountered is water in the oil. It appears as a milky white emulsion under the oil cap and on the dipstick.

How does Thermagasket work?

Whenever there is a breach in the head gasket, a cracked head or cracked block, a hot spot develops at the point of the breach. That hot spot can reach temperatures 3 to 4 times that of normal engine operating temperatures. When Thermagasket comes into contact with this superheated area, it instantly forms a perfect high-temperature seal. Once the breach is sealed by Thermagasket’s metallic alloys, heat is deflected away from the patch, eliminating the hot spot and preserving the long term integrity of the repair.

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